Friday, January 15, 2010

Zucchini & shrimps

Another cold day. I was coming home from my errands wondering what to cook to have lunch ready in less than half an hour for my hungry Ds, and I noticed my lovely thyme.
In our garden there are different fresh erbs (in season): sage, rosemary, chives, laurel, arugula (that is roquette or rucola), lemon balm (melissa in italian), alecost (St. Peter's erb in italian, used in omelette), but the one I prefer is thyme. I find it perfect with zucchini: there are no leftovers when I cook zucchini with thyme.

So I decided we would had


You need

Zucchini, thyme, shrimps (I used the frozen ones) and pasta or rice. I used those rice noodles, but almost everything else works fine.
  1. slice the zucchini, put in a big pan with oil, fresh thyme and a pich of salt. Put a lid on it and forget it on low heat. They should not fry, but simmer in their own juice till tender
  2. put the rice noodle in fresh water according to the directions on the packaging, or cook the pasta/rice to the point
  3. put the shrimps in boiling water for 2 minutes and than drain
  4. when zucchini are done put in their pan the shrimps and after a while the noodles/pasta/rice and stir for a while
  5. if you want you can and some soya sauce. I didn't because it's not gluten-free

Buon Appetito

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