Monday, January 11, 2010

Sunday at the GAM

I live near Turin, in Italy, and many museums have activities for the children. One of our preferred is the Modern Art Gallery.

The activity start always with a small guided tour of the museum, focusing on four or five pieces only that are related to the activity theme.

We have found it interesting too, no doubt due also to the communicative skill of the girl leading the group.

This time it was "Clothing in art". So about 30 children aged 6-11 are here discussing about materials, skirt lenght and formal clothing.

After the tour we went downstairs, where there is the craft classroom. It has been completely renewed in october and now there's plenty of space for children and their parents.

During the week teacher can bring their class to do similar activities that cover different topics and age groups.
They are very popular among kids.

The kids spent a wonderful afternoon pretending to be stylists. Have a look at what they have done.

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