Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Gorgeous Sicily

Last week H and S went to Catania, in Sicily, to enjoy Sant'Agata celebrations. It's a very ancient tradition and it's still very popular among everyone.

Here you can see people offering beeswax candles, some of the candles are as big as a small tree!
The men with a white tunic and a black hat are not priests, but "devoti", a kind of Agatha's fan.

The "fercolo" is in silver and is on wheels; 2 ropes (each one 200 m long!) are secured to it and are pulled by hundreds "devoti".

To have an idea look at this video I found in YouTube

This year the weather was really good and so H took S to the sea.

These 2 pictures were taken at San Giovanni li Cuti. The rocks are black because they are made of lava from mount Etna, an active volcano close to Catania that is the largest active volcano in Europe.

No need to say that here in Piedmont the weather was slightly different...

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