Thursday, March 18, 2010

S for sun, spring and shirts

Even if it isn't officially started, spring is almost here. We enjoy some sunny afternoon and the kids can play again outside without looking like Bibendum, the Michelin man.
Along with spring come the desire for new clothes. S asked for a shirt like daddy's and I had a wonderful idea (do know that dangerous feeling?): why not use an old H's shirt? Now I say never again! I finished it to keep my promise, but it tooked me three times the time I would have needed if I started from new fabric, and I'm not satisfied with the result.

For me I made this gray shirt: I used a Burda model, while the fabric comes from IKEA (yes, the furniture shop). I liked the print, but it's a bit too stiff for the model, so I look as if I were pregnant.
No problem, I didn't sew since long ago, before the kids, and I intend these two shirts as a kind of training to refresh my sewing skills. Maybe I'll have some other wonderful ideas...

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