Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Crafty sunday - Keep your seat

This should be our art period, we enjoy so much going to museums and exhibitions.
So we spent another sunday afternoon at the GAM (Modern Art Gallery).

The girl with the blue sweater in the picture above is Giorgia, the new team leader for "family activities": she has a lot of ideas and this year we'll enjoy brand new activities.

The temporary exhibition is called "Keep your seat" and is on chairs: you can see dozen of different chairs, some cool examples of industrial design, others used as a form of art.
Contemporary art has always been tricky to me, may be that's the reason why I found this exhibition boring.

Not so the family activity. Can you imagine 15 kids and their parents building their own chair from boxes, newspapers, tape and glue?
There were many armchairs, some sofa, a beach chair and even a dog's bed!

Now we have 2 more armchairs and a sofa. Wow!

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