Tuesday, September 14, 2010

zoom day

On sunday we have been to Zoom, a park were to have a picnic, swim, and see many animals.

There was Silvestro, an old tiger that worked in a circus,

hungry african penguins (I didn't know that most of them do not live at south pole)

farm animals from all over the world, from pigs and donkey, to lama and dromedary and an african cow with an enormous pair of horns.

We even saw many raptors, such as an eagle, a condor, hawks and two owls.

If you live in Piedmont it's worth a visit: it has a picnic area and you can buy there some gluten free icecreams and chips, I'm not sure the restaurant offers gluten free meals.
Be careful, your kids will talk of the animals for many many days.

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